October 6, 2011

Ideas Series: Part 1 - Getting a Great Idea
Thursday, October 6th, 2011
5:15pm - 7:15pm
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre (map)

Protocase - October TecSocial Sponsor

Click here to listen to a podcast of the event below that happened on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at Membertou Trade & Convention Centre.

The October TecSocial kicks off our three part "Ideas Series".  In the series we'll explore "Getting a Great Idea" (October), "Turning the Idea into a Product" (November), and "Bringing it to Market" (December).  For each part of the series an experienced panel has been assembled to share their experiences and allow us to dive deep into their knowledge base.

During Part 1 of the series we'll look for commonalities among our panelists to try and understand where the truly great ideas come from.  We'll explore those moments of inspiration and what made the right conditions for the great idea.  We'll talk about some of the panelist's greatest ideas as well as their "not-so-great" ideas.  We'll do our best to look through the world in their eyes and understand how they approach challenges and solve problems.  We'll learn what great things are yet to come....

Our panel for October - Getting a Great Idea includes the following people:

Bill Coady - Billdidit Inc. - After joining Stora Forest Industries (Newpage) about 35 years ago, Bill became known as "the guy in engineering who could make anything work".  He has won numerous desing, safety and productivity awards at the mill.  His creations, like his award winning "Steady Rests" used for changing calenadar rolls are recognized globally in the paper industry.  As an accomplished musician, Bill has been developing custom sound systems for musicians and permormers across the Maritimes.  More recently, Bill's inventions have launched Billdidit.  This company designs, patents, manufactures and licenses mechanical accessories for the music industry.  Bill's first patent, the Coady Clutch is now known and sold worldwide and is used by drummers in bands like Frank Zappa, Nickelback, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Vixen, Megadeth, and Alice Cooper.  Bill is currently working on more than 20 new ideas for Billdidit to take to market.

Doug Milburn - Advanced Glazings/Protocase - Doug has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.  He enjoyed university so much that he decided to stay there for a dozen years.  After that, he started a company (Advanced Glazings) that did research in advanced materials and the associated manufacturing processes for them.  The company's flagship product is translucent insulated glass used in architectural daylighting.  The manufacturing process itself resulted in the creation of a variety new technologies to effeciently build the product.  Not busy enough with Advanced Glazings, he co-founded Protocase, a company that builds custom electronics enclosures.  Protocase was born out of a shared difficult experience in getting low volume, custom electronic rack-mounts.  45 employees and 2000 customers later, Protocase continues to innovate in ways they couldn't have imagined in the early days.

Donnie Snow - Safe Harbour Security - Donnie is the founder and CEO of Safe Harbour Security and past CEO of CrossOff Incorporated, a Sydney-based diversified technology company.  Donnie has started more than 40 companies, many of which have been technology related, some of the well known ones include:  McKenzie College, The Centre for Distance Education, The Silicon Island Art & Innovation Centre, Cabletech (one of the first private phone companies in Nova Scotia) and one of his earliest, The Starter Shop.  He was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 by the Cape Breton Board of Trade, in 2001 he was voted as one of Atlantic Canada's top 50 CEO's and in 2002 he was regional Entrepreneur of the Year and a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program.

TecSocial is a monthly meeting for those with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship. It's free and all are welcome to attend. Appetizers (limited quantites) and door prizes are provided by this month's sponsor, Protocase.