Thursday November 3rd, 2011 - Ideas Series: Part 2 - Building an Idea

Ideas Series: Part 2 - Building an Idea
Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
5:15pm - 7:15pm
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre (map)

Click here to listen to a podcast of the event below that happened on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at Membertou Trade & Convention Centre.Cape Breton Partnership

The November TecSocial is part two of our three part "Ideas Series".  In the series opener in October we explored "Getting a Great Idea", this month we will examine "Building an Idea" , and next month we'll talk about "Bringing it to Market" (December).  For each part of the series an experienced panel has been assembled to share their experiences and allow us to dive deep into their knowledge base.

If you missed Part 1 an audio podcast is available here

Last month we got a great understanding of where great ideas come from; so what's next?  How do you take that idea and develop it into a product or even a business?  Our panel will share how they take those ideas that are discussed around a boardroom table, or a coffee table and bring them to life.  We'll talk about various aspects of the build-out including: clearly understanding the idea, developing the idea, and remaining true to the idea.  We'll also get insight on how best to incorporate customer feedback during the build-out phase.  We'll have panelists share their experiences around building an individual product as compared with building an entire company.  We'll hear about some of the ups and some of the downs that go along with "building an idea".  Our panel has experience in building consumer products, software as well as entire companies...

Our panel for November - Building the Idea includes the following people:

Matthew Swan - Billdidit Inc. - Matthew has spent the past year at Billdidit Inc transforming ideas into products.  He's spent some time self-employed doing some manufacturing, mechanical contracting and on-line retail (among other things) and he's had seven years in the trenches at Advanced Glazings doing R&D, product and machine design, maintenance and anything else to keep things moving ahead.  After he attained his Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma from CBU he started out with Colchester Precision Components as a Shift Leader doing CNC machining. 

Darren MacNeil - AG Research - Darren has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and has been in the professional IT business for over 12 years.  He has run the gambit from Junior Developer to Senior Design Lead to Business Analyst.  Having worked for companies large and small, Darren has been involved with profitable project development and attention-grabbing disaster challenge projects.  He's recently been focused on large enterprise level products in the areas of Mineral and Petroleum Registries for multiple Provincial governments.

Cecil Smith - Cecil holds the distinction of managing the largest research project in the history of Cape Breton University.  As Director of the Petroleum Applications of Wireless Systems (PAWS) R&D project, Cecil provided the overall leadership and project management involving collaborative research teams from CBU, the University of New Brunswick, the College of the North Atlantic, the National Research Council and several other collaborators.  Cecil is a firm believer that Innovation is the way for businesses and economies such as Cape Breton to build strong competitive advantage.  In the past he's worked with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation in the position of Development Officer in the Knowledge Based Industries and Entrepreneurship Sector. He has earned a BBA from CBU, a M.Ed in Information Technology from Memorial University of Newfoundland.  He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and is working toward the PMP designation.

TecSocial is a monthly meeting for those with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship. It's free and all are welcome to attend. Appetizers (limited quantites) and door prizes are provided by this month's sponsor, Cape Breton Partnership.