September 6, 2012: Usability and Design

Usability and Design, "Isn't that just common sense?"
Thursday, September 6, 2012
5:15pm - 7:15pm
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre (map)

Guest:  D. Darren MacDonald, MSc, CPE
              Managing Director, tektol, inc.
              Associate Lecturer, University of Derby, Derbyshire, U.K.

"Usability is the degree to which something - software, hardware or anything else - is easy to use and a good fit for the people who use it.

It is a quality or characteristic of a product.  It is whether a product is efficient, effective and satisfying for those who use it.  It is the name for a group of techniques developed by usability professionals to help create usable products.

And, it is a shorthand term for a process or approach to creating those products, also called user-centered design." - User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA, 2012)

This presentation will cover the following:

  • What is usability?
  • What is a usability professional?
  • What is user-centred design?
  • How can I apply this to my business and/or product development?

Darren MacDonald is a board certified professional Ergonomist with over 16 years of extensive ergonomics experience across a wide variety of industries.  He is the Managing Director of tektol, inc. - a consulting firm specializing in ergonomics, human factors and usability.  His career spans both public and private sectors across North America, working with WorkSafe New Brusnwick, Humantech, Inc. and the WCB of Nova Scotia.  His primary roles have been to provide strategic ergonomics leadership to many Fortune 500 companies with a special interest in the use of participatory ergonomic methods and the facilitation of organizational change.  While at Humantech, he worked directly with clients such as ConAgra, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, The Pepsi Bottling Group, NBC-Universal, Eli Lilly, Pacific Gas & Electric, Shell, Southern California Edison, and Verizon.  He is also an Associate Lecturer for the Systems Ergonomics, Ergonomics Methods and Ergonomics & Design courses at the University of Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

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